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  • Naam Kempster 
    Geslacht Mannelijk 
    Persoon-ID I2093  VanderHeide
    Laatst gewijzigd op 14 sep 2016 

    Gezin Alice Roberts 
    Getrouwd J  [1
    Laatst gewijzigd op 14 sep 2016 
    Gezins-ID F679  Gezinsblad  |  Familiekaart

  • Bronnen 
    1. [S224], (, (Betrouwbaarheid: 2), 13 sep 2016.
      Honorary Members - Lest We Forget

      At the beginning of each National Specialty catalog there is a page dedicated to the Honorary Members of the NCA. In many cases, the names are quickly perused without any knowledge of who they are. The legacy of these members should not be lost in time; thus begins a series of articles on our Honorary Members.


      Mrs. Charles Roberts

      Miss May van Oppen of Harlingen Kennels, England married Charles Roberts and together they formed a legacy of devotion to the Newfoundland. In fact, their daughter, Mrs. Alice Kempster judged Newfoundlands at Crufts in 1985 and The Newfoundland?s Club Centenary Championship Show in 1986.

      Mrs. Roberts served the Newfoundland Club in England as secretary, treasurer and president; however her outstanding legacy was the Harlingen Newfoundlands that she bred. She bred both landseers and blacks and many would contribute to the heritage of the Newfoundland throughout the world. One of her bitches, Harlingen Renata was the first Newfoundland exported to Australia and when bred to fellow import, Sea Bosun of Verduron, this pair became the foundation of the breed in Australia.

      Moreover, in 1949 a circle closed when Harlingen Waseeka?s Black Gold , in whelp to Waseeka?s Dauntless was sent as a gift from the Newfoundland Club of America to Mrs. Roberts. You see Black Gold?s breeder was Mrs. Davieson Power, a fellow Honorary NCA member, who imported Ch Siki sired stock from the Harlingen Kennels in the late 20s. Now as World War II ended, the Newfoundland breed was almost non-existent in England thanks to the effects of the war. Yet Mrs. Roberts befriended Mrs. Power during the war and their common love for the Newfoundland lead to the return of the Siki bloodlines to England. It is often said what goes round, comes round and it certainly was demonstrated in the alliance between English and American breeders, especially Mrs. Power and Mrs. Roberts.
      Her maiden name was Roberts. The web page calls her Mrs. Kempster, so I concluded this must be her husband's last name.